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Sistine Chapel
Unique ArtWork

Exclusive photographic process
the entire chapel
in 1:1 scale

Collected Works
in three volumes
sized 43.5 x 61 cm

Limited Edition:
1999 copies for the whole world
100 copies reserved for Italy

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Private visit of Sistine Chapel outside opening hours with expert guide of the Vatican museums.

“WHO does not see the Sistine Chapel,
can have an idea of what one person can.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (28 august 1787)


Renaissance spirit, which underlies the best of European civilization, is contained in two symbols.

The first symbol, which can be recognized as humanism initial signs of a new era in human thought and understanding of the world is Brunelleschi's dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. The other, which is the highlight of this extraordinary period of European culture is clearly painted decorations of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the work of Michelangelo Buonarroti and other famous artists of the Italian Renaissance.


The 1,200 square meters of frescoes Michelangelo own forces and gigantic display performance in the years 1508-1512 Creation of the world and in the years 1536-1541 on order of Pope Julius II. Last Judgement. Created a work that is a wonderful biblical narrative in painting, but also a genuine expression of magical affinity of two forces - God and the Christian message and the creative will of man.

Michelangelo's masterpiece painting unprecedented in history, not only for its dimensionality. Personal performance unique master, his ability to combine artistic vision with architectures into a unified whole, spirituality and concreteness of art are irreplaceable and remains unsurpassed. Through the power of their colors and displayed characters is the most complete evidence flowering of artistic talent inspired words, is its contact with mankind, God. The sense of this work continues for centuries. Every day tens of thousands of visitors to the Treasury with are lifted his head in amazement the painting, which are found on the walls of the Sistine Chapel and on the vault in dvadsaťmetrovej amount.

Unique three-volume work

Publishing Maneant Scripta in collaboration with the Vatican Museums has prepared a unique three-volume work to the highest possible quality image reproductions completely documented all the artistic decoration of the Sistine Chapel. Photographic project with the most stringent scientific criteria and using the latest digital technologies and software documentation will enable the objective level, that their credibility and accuracy of detail exceeds the normal resolution of the human eye.

The limited edition volumes:

  • The Last Judgement
  • The Ceiling – Creation of the world
  • The 15th century frescoes – paintings on the southern, northern and western walls - the leading painters of the Italian Renaissance as Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Cosimo Rosselli, Luca Signorelli; complete documentation of polychrome marble floor decorations

Craftsmanship, this publication condone the size and perfection of art inscribed into the consciousness of all educated people. In detail and lets you watch handwriting skill of Michelangelo and other creators reveal their painting techniques and bring their artistic personalities as their last know Italian restorers in the 80s of the 20th century. Thanks to this work, you may see Sistine Chapel, as it saw no ordinary visitor, and whenever the open book to her return.

Author accompanying text

Author of an accompanying introductory words to images and texts hotels is the ex director of Vatican Museums Antonio Paolucci (1939).

The respected historian of art, inspired by the teachings of Robert Longhi, he worked in management Heritage Institute in Verona, Mantua and Venice, managed network orentských art museums, the Uffizi Gallery, orentskú art restoration school and Regional Institute for Monuments Tuscany. He was Chief Commissioner repair work in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi hit by an earthquake. He served as Minister of Culture of the Republic of Italy, it carries the Italian decorations and the French Legion of Honour. He wrote dozens of articles, the author leading treatises and monographs of all major Renaissance artists. It belongs also to the organizers of the exhibition on the art of the Italian Renaissance.

His text to this unique publication is not only talking a leading Italian expert and lover of art, But his moderation expresses respect for the importance and magnificence of the Sistine Chapel, monuments global and European culture.

» Andrea Louis Ballardini, restorer and painter, Italy «

Sistine Chapel

The arrangement of the frescoes in the different volumes

1) The 15th century frescoes

The Paintings on the south walls, north, west and portraits of pontiffs above

The walls tell the stories of Moses and Christ through Works which are connected to each other following an iconographic program established by Sixtus IV.

Reading the cycle through the exposition:

South wall: Journey of Moses in Egypt and two pontiffs above: Saint Clement i and Saint Evaristus

North wall: Baptism of Christ (Perugino) and a replica above the round with the almighty and the two pontiffs: Saint Anacletus and Saint Alexander

South wall: Episodes of life of Moses (Botticelli) ant the two pontiffs above: Saint Sixtus II and Saint Iginus

North wall: Temptations of Christ (Botticelli) and the two pontiffs above; Saint Telesphorus and Saint Pius I

South wall: passage of the red sea (Biagio Di Antonio) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Anicetus and Saint Eleutheurus

North wall: the calling of the first apostels (Ghirlandaio) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Soter and Saint Victor I

South wall: Handing over of the tablets of the law (Cosimo Rosselli) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Zephirinus and Saint Urban I

North wall: The Sermont on the mount (Cosimo Rosselli I and the two pontiffs above: Saint Callistus I and Saint Pontianus

South wall: Punishment of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Botticelli) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Anterus and Saint Cornelius

North wall: Handing over of the Keys (Perugino) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Fabian and Saint Lucius I

South wall: Legacy and death of Moses (Luca Signorelli e Bartolomeo della Gatta) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Stephan I and Saint Dionysius

North wall: Last Supper (Cosimo Rosselli and Biagio Di Antonio) and the two pontiffs above: Saint Sixtus II and Saint Felix I

Entrance wall, south side: Dispute over the body of Moses (Matteo Da Lecce) and the two pontiffs: Saint Eutychianus and Saint Marcellus I

Entrance wall, north side: Resurrection of Christ (Hendrich Van der Broeck) and the two pontiffs Saint Marcellinus and Saint Caius

Tracery and choir stall

  • Tracery in marble and choir stall of Mino Da Fiesole, Andrea Bregno and Giovanni Dalmata I.


  • Descriptions of preciuos inlayed polychrome marble pavements. Reproduction of the progression that marks the processional path.
  • Reproduction of floor mosaics showing the setting of the papal throne, the cardinal seats and the procession of celebrants during the service.


Michelangelo tells the story of humanity before the coming of Christ, connecting to the stories of the walls.


  • First 9 squares: genesis, creation and the fall of mankind, the flood, rebirth of mankind with noah’s familiy
  • Triangles intersected webs: five sibyls and seven prophets
  • 4 Angular pendentives: episodes of the miraculous salvation of people of Israel
  • Underlyng webs and Lunettes: Christ’s forefathers
  • Symbolic ornaments: Nudes (each pair holding medallions with texts taken from the book of kings) located at the side of the bins with the stories of Genesis; herubs holding tablets between the Lunettes and bronze nudes above the webs

Sequence: entering from the entrance wall, looking upwards, positioned in the front of the last Judgment wall.

  • Left pendentive: Judith and Holofernes
  • Right pendentive: David and Goliath
  • In the central triangle between the two pendentives: prophet Zechariah
  • Central panel: Drunkenness of Noah
  • On the left: Delphic Sibyl
  • On the right: Prophet Joel
  • In the center: the flood
  • Following central panel: sacrifice of Noah
  • On the right: Erythrean Sibyl
  • On the left: prophet Isaiah
  • In the center: Original Sin
  • Following central panel: Creation of Eve
  • On the right; Prophet Ezekiel
  • On the left: Cumaean Sibyl
  • In the center: Creation of Adam
  • Following central panel separation of land from sea
  • On the right: Persian Sibyl
  • On the left: Prophet Daniel
  • Following central panel: creation of the sun, moon and plans
  • In the center: separation of light from darkness
  • On the right: Prophet Jeremiahon
  • On the left: Lybian Sibyl
  • Left pendentive: brazen Serpent
  • Right pendentive: Punishement of Haman
  • In the central triangle between the two pendentives: Prophet Jonah

Then we proceed with the Lunettes of the ceiling dedicated to the ancestors of Christ:

  • Lunette Eleazar and Mathan
  • Lunette Iacob and Joseph
  • Lunette Azor and Sadoch
  • Lunette Achim and Eliud
  • Web of the Lunette Josiah, Jechoiachin, Shealtiel
  • Web of the Lunette Zerubbabel, Abiud, Eliakim
  • Web of the Lunette Hezekiah, Manasseh, Amon
  • Web of the Lunette Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz
  • Web of the Lunette Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehoram
  • Web of the Lunette Rehoboam, Abijah
  • Web of Lunette Jesse, David, Solomon
  • Web of the Lunette Salmon, Boaz, Obed
  • Lunette Naason
  • Lunette Aminabad

We end with the reproduction of monochrome round (medallion) with stories of the genesis of the II Book of Samuel and of Book II of the Kings:

  • Joab kills Abner
  • Bidgar throws king Ioram off the chariot
  • Uriah’s death
  • Jehu destroys the image of god Baal
  • David in front of prophet Nathan
  • Destruction of the Achab tribe
  • Assalonne’s death
  • Unqualified medallion
  • Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Elijah ascending to heaven on a chariot of fire


Description of the Work in 3 sections a, b, c.

  1. Two Lunette:
    • Groups of angels bearing in flight the symbols of passion
  2. Christ the Judge and the Virgin among the blessed:
    • Christ the Judge
    • Virgin
    • At their feet, the two patron Saints of Rome, Laurence with the gridiron and Bartholome with the flayed skin (the head is the aching portrait of the artist)
    • Saint Peter with the keys
    • Disma with the cross on his shoulders
    • Saint Sebastian holding the arrows
    • Saint Catherine of Alexandria with the cogwheel
    • Saint Blaise with iron combs
    • Disma with the cross
    • Simon Zelotes
    • Saint Andrews with the cross
    • John the Baptist with the camel’s skin
  3. End Of Times
    • Angels with long trumpets
    • Devils fight over making the damned fall down to hell
    • The risen ascend to heaven
    • Group of the two reedemed hanging the rosary
    • The risen recover their bodies
    • Hell with two Dante Alighieri ‘s characters: charon and minos (with the face of Biagio da Cesena)

The exclusive photographic campaign
is scaled 1:1

Thanks to the three-dimensional reconstruction of the whole space and thanks to the use of exclusive software, the entire Sistine Chapel is reproduced scaled 1:1. The photographic shots are made with specific laser techniques and with technologically advanced equipment. Every image is the result of a complex synergy involving technologic shooting and electronic elaboration of itself, overcoming the challenge imposed by a unique space such as the one of the Sistine Chapel. With this campaign Scripta Maneant, aims to put under cover the beauty and the uniqueness of this Artwork.

Last Judgement painted in the years 1536 - 1541, size: 12.2 x 13.7 m
The grid in the picture is only illustrative. To give you an idea - marked rectangle around shows two pages from the book.

New image processing Sistine Chapel accuracy of details beyond the normal resolution of the eye

Press review

The publishing house Scripta Maneant has had the honor of presenting the magnificent and epochal editorial work, realized with new images of New Exclusive Country Photographic, in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

The pages of prestigious books, made in co-edition Scripta Maneant Vatican -Museums, have browsed through near the Michelangelo frescoes and Tuscan-Umbrian masters of the fifteenth and narrated by the curator, already the outgoing Director of the Vatican Museums, Professor Antonio Paolucci.

The work represents a unique opportunity, since unpublished here, to admire every detail of the hidden Sistini Masterpieces with playback levels of scale frescoes 1:1

We thank those who participated in the exciting conference in the Sistine Chapel and allowed to make permanent the historic event through the articles that appeared on the national and foreign press, which found collected in the press release for download at the link below.


In the foreground is the service of Fabio Cappelli, in recently broadcast on Rai News, with the exclusive interview with Professor Antonio Paolucci.

Video Gallery

How did the project

Unique in the world Work in a three-volume book can be enjoyed thanks to the most advanced photographic technology and special software.

The pictures made using advanced laser technology instrumentation.

Roundshoot VR Drive a motorized panoramic head that are leaders in their category. They just create detailed automated panorama. It is ideal for the creation of virtual tours, spherical photos, gigapixel photo, 32-and it HDR video. All images generated in extra high quality.

Hardware: 3 5Dsr Eos cameras, 50-megapixel resolution, Tele Lens 500 mm, 400 mm DxO Lens, 180 mm lens. 11-meter scaffold and 7-meter scaffolding tripod. 2 iMac 5k with 128 GB RAM, MacBookPro, 30TB server.

Sistine Chapel taking pictures for 37 years and the whole project was under the auspices of the Vatican. Because visits are paintings in the Sistine Chapel at risk, so it is the Work of a unique value that will last for decades.

Watch a short video cut:

Become part of a exclusive international project

Limited Edition: 1999 copies for the whole world, 100 copies reserved for Italy
Choose your numbered volume: 901 - 1000

Inside the third volume of the collection will be included the owners names.

Sistine Chapel, the magnificent ArtWork

  • Exclusive photographic process the entire chapel in 1:1 scale
  • Text by Antonio Paolucci
  • Reproductions of Works included in three volumes
    • The 15th century frescoes
    • The Ceiling
    • The Last Judgement
  • 3 volumes, 778 total pages printed in six colors, 33 sections
  • The size of each volume is 43.5 × 61 cm
  • Weight of all three volumes is nearly 27 kg
  • The protective cassette for all three volumes.
  • Decree ownership
  • Gloves

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